Handcrafted Sterling Silver
Rings for Women

Bringing distinctive designs to your doorstep, our handcrafted 925 sterling silver rings for women encompass a creative range of motifs inspired by the awe-inspiring majesty of Nepal’s landscape and intertwined with its rich cultural heritage. Delicately balanced, these rings are perfect for engagements, weddings, or as a tasteful accessory for daily wear.

To measure finger size, wrap string or yarn around finger and measure on a ruler or measuring tape.

US 7 – 2.146in or 5.44cm
US 8 – 2.24in or 5.70cm
US 9 – 2.34in or 5.95cm

US 10 – 2.44in or 6.21cm
US 11 – 2.57in or 6.46cm
US 12 is 2.65in or 6.72cm

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handcrafted sterling silver rings for women.


low caste village nepal

One of the many low caste villages in Nepal. This village is Khadka BhanJyang in the Nuwakot district of the Bagmati Zone in Nepal.